Monday, June 16, 2008

We Believe in Fairy's

Often when I put my girls to bed at night they want me to tell them a story, and the story must always feature my girls as the main characters.
So this posting of copper fairy wings was created from,

Our Adventures to Flutterfly Fairy Land

In a far away land where all things are possible live the flutterfly babies, named Morgan, Hannah and Katie....

I made these sweet copper pendants for my girls this last weekend and as I hung them around there little necks I asked each one," Do you believe in Fairy's?" and of course each of my daughters answered yes. Then they ran off to ask Daddy if he believed in fairy's too. They then informed him that if you believe in fairy's Daddy, maybe Mommy will make you a necklace too.

If you have a little girl that believes in fairy's too, take a look in my etsy shop for available items. I have a convo friendly etsy shop so feel free to contact me there any time with comments or just to say hello.

This was a fun way to give my girls a lasting memory and a visual reminder of our bedtime adventure.

This was also a great way for me to get more practice using my new metal stamps and it helped me to add a unique quality to each pendant. I was pretty happy with the way they turned out and my daughters just love them!!!!

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