Monday, June 23, 2008

My first Etsy Treasury West

While browsing the forums this morning, someone had mention treasure west was about to open. I thought I'd take a look, and had missed the opening, then moments later I visited again and right before my eyes it popped open a title space at the bottom of the page.
I had only considered doing a treasury last night so I wasn't at all prepared with a list of items I'd include if I ever got the chance to make one. But the opportunity was there, I had to take it. Creating a treasury was much easier than I thought it would be.
The first step was to find an item I wanted to include, then it was just a question of copy and paste the item number into the provided space and Etsy did the rest for me. How easy is that.
I went with a theme: the color Teal. added this word to my search and there were my choices displayed before my eyes. I changed key words to add a number of different types of items in the treasury, such as... pottery, belts, jewelry, art.... Not nearly as difficult as I had originally thought it would be. Can't wait to try again. Soooo to all of you that are intimidated by the process... Don't be. You'll have a great time and it really is a very easy process. Here is a link to my treasury.

Take On Teal.

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