Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fused dichroic Links with sterling silver wire and Katies fused art glass cabochon

Well the kiln finally cooled late in the evening and the kids were tucked into bed. I was able to get my hands to work finishing my fused glass and wire links. I wrapped the sterling wire in a fashion that was pleasing to me, I then tumble polished them for several hours. This removed the firescale from the wire and also hardened the wire for durability. I was really happy how they turned out. My next step for this project will be to add wire work links to turn these beauty's into bracelets. You'll be able to see the finished product in my next post. I am also including photo's of Katie's finished fused art glass cabs. She was really happy with how these turned out and I will be cutting a groove in the outer edge so Katie can practice her wire wrapping skills. I will soon be adding a post of Katie's work. As well as a post of Hannah art work. Children are often overlooked for there unique abilities and artistic skills, but not so much in our home. I strive to make our home a place where creative freedom is welcome at all times and my kids love it.I just get out the broom or the mop and clean up afterwards. I have found that teaching my kids to express themselves through crafts and do what feels right to them through their artwork is a great way to build there self confidence and learn to recognize on their own that they are capable of doing wonderful things for themselves if they are only willing to try. Sometimes my Katie will say " but Hannah does a better job at drawing" and I just remind her that, that's okay, Hannah can't do???? and you can. everyone does things on there own and in there own time, and then she remembers Oh yea I'm really good at this and Hannah's not. So this helps to take away the poor me attitude and replace it with a happy and positive thought. I love my girls.

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