Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sharing with friends and creating together

I just wanted to share with everyone the wonderful work of a dear friend of mine at RoughMagicCreations @Etsy.com. http://roughmagiccreations.etsy.com/

I know I talk of them often and just have to do it again. Remeber the necklace I made using some of the beads they gifted to me. Well this time they got to use some of the copper work made by me. How fun is that? They create the most beautiful handcrafted jewelry using there own one of a kind hand carved wood beads and pendants and I am honored to say that they have now incorporated a few of my copper pieces and glass work into their own work. It's a wonderful experience to develop such good relationships with people I may never have the opportunity to meet face to face. But friends at heart we are. The owners of this shop are so kind hearted and caring. I just can't say enough good things about them. Everyone please visit their shop and blog. Take a look around and enjoy seeing some awesome handcrafted Maine jewelry. This is one couple that makes a wonderful team. Go Look, You'll be happy you did!!!

I should also mention that many of there items have been seen on Etsy front page. How exciting is that?????

Pros gal if your reading, You did a great job!!!! Love what you have done and thanks so much for helping me with my photo's for step by step wire jewelry magazine. I couldn't have submitted them with out your help. Hugs to you and hubby.

Everyone enjoy and please do take a look at their shop :o) It's wonderful!!!!!!

Woooohoooooo! My bracelet will be in the spring 2009 issue of step by step wire jewelry

Wooohooo is right.
On a whim I sent in a picture of my wire wrapped tennis bracelet that I made inspired by a tennis bracelet that was in the last issue of step by step wire jewelry. I posted a few weeks ago about the article and supplies they used and then added how I made my own version using supplies I had on hand a skills I am familiar with, wire wrapping. I just loved how my bracelet turned out and really felt it was every bit as nice as the original and just as delicate. Of course it was simply mine and made my way.

Well while browsing a forum the other day I came across a link to share your ideas, interest, suggestions and what nots with Sara Graham the assistant editor for step by step wire jewelry magazine, and I thought to my self just send them a photo and show them your version of the bracelet. Well I did and thought nothing more of it until the next morning I received back not only one but two return emails from her. They loved the bracelet and said they wanted to run it in there photo gallery of wire work jewelry for the spring 2009 issue.
I was and still am so excited. Now it's just a photo I know but just look where a whim can take you. I don't need the big flashing lights and a bunch of hoopala. Just a nice we love it, works for me and a small photo among many also works for me.

Of course I didn't do it all alone. I needed to send them a photo using high resolution at 300 dpi and it had to be 3x3 in size. Oh no I thought, there went that opportunity. Well not so. A dear friend from the about jewelry forum and owner of RoughMagicCrations http://RoughMagicCreations.etsy.com came to my rescue and reviewed the photos I had taken to make sure they met the required dimensions and I sent them in today.

I must say Sara Graham is right on top of everything and returned me a message a short while later saying the photos did indeed meet the requirements and they would be choosing one of them for the issue.

Now all I have to do is hurry up and wait for spring to get here so I can see my big photo turned into a little photo only in a magazine. I'm so excited and I guess it's a good thing I have my little girls around because they help me to be patient. When your a mom to three little girls and two foster boys and one grown daughter you can't help but be patient.

So to every one who wants to submit one of there original ideas and designs to any magazine. I say do it. You just never know what will happen. I never expected to even get a response, I was just sharing and was happy to leave it at that. But I did get a response and I got it so quickly I wasn't even sure it could be real. lol. But I'm happy to say it was and I look forward to getting my spring issue of step by step wire jewelry not only for the new designs they have to share but to see my little picture too. Woohooo.

Special thanks to RoughMagicCreations. Your a real gem of a friend and I hope every one will take a look at your Etsy shop and visit your blog. Blog link is to the right in my list of blogs.
To see more of my work, follow the link through my Etsy mini and visit my shop.

And also here is a photo of our newest family member Maurice Iddy Oddy Jaco. Our sweet little kitten that we found abandoned in our barn. Poor little thing was all sad and beat up. My three year old and I discovered him crying in our barn one afternoon while waiting for the school bus. Morgan's daddy had told her he would get her a kitty someday. So we called Daddy at work and Morgan asked, " Daddy did you get me a kittly and leave it in our barn? " What was Daddy going to say. It now has a new home with us and I hope it learns soon that our bird is not kitty food but another family member!!!!! Morgan was really happy when Daddy got home from work and caught the kitty that Mommy had been trying to catch all afternoon. Poor little thing was so scared it wouldn't come out of the barn. He had a few scratches and scuffs, one if his eyes was infected from a scuff mark and he looked as if he may had been tossed out while going down the road. Gees the people could have at least stopped the car I kept thinking. But all is well for kitty now. His battle wounds are healed and we love all him!!!! even Daddy.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for letting me share!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fused Dichroic glass and copper necklace

I'm Trying to catch up on my blog all in one day I guess.
Life has been busy and I'm taking advantage of a few extra minutes before the madness of raising 5 kids starts again. LOL. I'm sure Madness is not really the term I should use, but I hope you know what I mean. After all my kids are all 8 yrs and under, remember!!!!!
Any how---
Last week I was busy making a few new designs using my copper hammered rings and playing with some mill rolled copper wire. I had a few copper disc cut and domed , only I just wasn't sure how I was going to use them.
I have already made a few pair of domed disc earrings and bracelets incorporating the disc so I was looking for a new use. I came up with a few simple pendants that I was pretty happy with. I simply took the rings and disc and soldered them together then set a dichroic cabochon into them using a two part epoxy.
The cabs will be nice and secure for years to come and when added to a chain the overall look is just stunning. Again probably not the most original of designs but I was really happy with them and my goal for the week was met by using as many of my own findings as possible to create a design that is simply mine.

I love the phrase simply mine.

I picked it up one day when listing items in my Etsy shop and trying to find a way to make my work and listings stand out from the others. That's when I decided upon the name. It's jewelry made my way and as a finished piece ends up being simply mine. I hope anyone interested in my work and jewelry will notice the name has been added to each of my listings and I think it is unique and simple enough that I'm hoping it will be remembered if anyone is searching for my listing on Etsy. Just type in the name in name Simply Mine and boom, there will be my jewelry. Sweet huh? I think so.

So to anyone interested in viewing more of my work please feel free to visit my Etsy mini and it will take you to the world that I like to call simply mine.
Cheers. Deedee

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lampwork Beads and Copper Bracelet

Wow where has the time gone. I thought with my girls back in school I would have soooo much free time. But this has not been the case. I'm a big advocate for early childhood education and believe that education starts at home.

Well My three year old Morgan is busy with the headstart program as a home based student one day a week and also has an early on teacher that comes into our home one day a week. My youngest foster child has an OT therapist and early education teacher that also comes into our home once a week. So life has been busy here preparing our little ones for the best possible start in life we can offer when it comes to preparing for there education.

I am still managing to find at least two days a week where I can create new designs to add to my Etsy store and thought I'd share my last few weeks of new ideas with you.

Normally I try to stick with one of kind pieces but my last few have been so nice and not as time consuming for me that I have decided I will re create them in variouse styles and colors and continue to make them. The bracelets that I have come up with are extremely durable and the links are just wonderful.

I have also been on a search for beads that I can incorporate into my copper work which is not the norm for me since I try to make as many of my own components as possible. However I have found that by adding more beaded elements to my jewelry a world of possablitites has opened up for me that I hadn't considered before.

I can still keep my designs unique and one of kind with store purchased beads and the limits are endless.

My lampwork bracelets have a focal bead made by my husband. I wish he had more time to make them for me. But he doesn't so those I will hopefully be able to make more of in the winter months when he is layed off and has lots of time to either be bored or be creative so I'm hoping he decides on the later of the two. LOL.

The copper links for the lampwork bracelet are mill rolled 14 gauge copper wire and are either stamped or left bare of design.

I have broken in the wire rollers of my mill over the last few weeks and have found it much easier to shape the wire than I had anticipated. So far I have been able to make flat, half round, twisted and flat twisted wire that will be showing up in many of my designs in the future. I have yet to roll square wire but hope to try it soon.

The other bracelet design is one I'm sure is not so unique and one of a kind to others but it is to me. I found a tutorial in my new step by step wire jewelry magazine that made a keyhole link tennis bracelet and I really liked the design. The article called for making the wire links and then using snapsets to secure 6mm cubic zirconia. Well I've never worked with the snapset settings before but wire wrapping is something I know.

So I got out my 18 gauge wire and started cutting my lengths of wire and then instead of going with a key hole shape I decided to try a teardrop shape and then in place of the snapset links I used 24 gauge copper wire to wire wrap a bead into each link. I then finished the ends of the links and voila I had my own tennis bracelet. They are really very pretty and the links are so durable and strong and at the same time very delicate. I personally love the overall design and think these would be wonderful made in a variety of sized links and even pretty with larger sized beads. This will be one of my next projects I'm sure.

I have so far used 5mm vintage turquoise glass beads, 4mm glass pearls and 6mm Czech bicone glass beads. I think a chunkier look could be achieved by using a 14 gauge copper wire and 10mm beads. Maybe some of hubbys lampwork beads even. Hmmmm.

Also I think with a 22 gauge wire frame and 2 to 4mm beads these bracelets would be wonderful for my daughters or any other little girl. That's how durable these bracelets are. I would not be fearful to let them wear these as I don't believe they would ever come apart unless great force was used.

I have quite a large supply of brass wire that I think I will break into soon and give the bracelets a try using the brass as well and will also be adding some to my Etsy store using sterling silver and gemstones. How pretty they will be.

Any how I guess my lesson to pass on today to fellow artisans would be to never limit yourself to supplies available, keep an open mind when looking at projects and tutorials and always remember to make it your own. My favorite pass time is to browse through magazines and other sights and say hmmm that is just beautiful but what if I did this with that and changed this and oh I could do that to this. well you know what I'm saying. Creativity is endless so have fun with it and you'll be just amazed at how a project starts as one thing and ends up another. What fun!!!!

Have a great weekend every one and let your imagination lead the way.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumn Copper and Bead Leaf Pendant

Fall is rapidly approaching and the leaves are starting to change colors just a bit. I so love the changing from summer to fall and find the colors to be so inspiring. I have already posted a few of my fused glass fall pendants and have been wanting to do a bit with copper and leaves so here is what I'm hoping is my first of many.

The copper leaf was cut to a rough shape and the I went to work with my file creating the serrated edges of the leaf. I actually used a grape leaf for the general design to have a visual aid to follow.

After I was happy with the overall shape I added the hole and domed the leaf slightly. I then added to the leaf a wire wrapped copper wire bail and swirl pattern. The beads are 8mm mookaite, 4mm rose quartz and a warm cream colored pressed glass flower bell shaped bead. These are all wire wrapped using heat forged head pins that I have made and they have that beautiful rose colored bud that has just added to the collection of fall colors.

I hope you like the pendant and find a bit of inspiration to start on your own fall collections.

Have a great and blessings to you all. Deedee

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Designs

Over the weekend I had lots of time on my hands as it rained all weekend. So I had the opportunity to play a bit with my wire. I decided to make some teardrop copper wire earrings. I cut, shaped and filed the ends smooth then soldered them closed using sterling silver solder. They went into the pickle to remove the firescale then I stamped them using my two favorite patterns, added copper wire wrapped green translucent glass beads and 8mm Amethyst beads,and my own earwires that I use for all of my earrings I sell. They were given a light patina and sanded to bring out the shiny copper and show off the detail of the stamps. I love how these turned out!!!!
I also have added a few new necklace designs to my store using fused dichroic glass for one and a glass gem and copper wire chains with bead links. I was very busy and had a lot of fun making these items. Added to the chains are turquoise beads and green glass vintage beads. The one cab is wire wrapped in a herringbone weave using copper wire. I usually see this pattern on beads with holes in the center and decided it was time to learn to incorporate the pattern using a cab. I think they are just wonderful and will be adding more of these to my Etsy shop.

Sunday evening the rain finally stopped and we had gotten about 10" of rain. What a mess it made. Sunday evening my downstairs started to flood. We have a family room, bedroom, laundry room and my studio down stairs so I was really sad to see water was seeping in at the seam by the floor. This has never happened before and by Monday morning we had about 1 1/2" covering our floors. I spent all day Monday soaking up water using my new carpet cleaner that I was so happy to get so I could keep my living room carpet cleaned up after the kids, but have yet to use it for that. As of today my carpets are still soggy and I'm just hoping to be able to soak up enough water that Jerry can get them up off the floors and out of the house. What a mess.
Well I'm off to soak up some more water, so cheers to you all and I hope you have a good day. The sun is shining so it can only get better!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Autumn Tree Of Life Fused Art Glass and Copper Pendants

I'm getting my Etsy shop ready for fall and have decided to start with two of my favorite fused glass pendants.
I have used an art glass base in a variety of colors and added to this copper foil tree's then topped them with clear. They were brought to a bit more than tack fused and not quite a full fuse as I wanted them to retain a bit of there shape. This saves me time on the grinder when I shape them. My grinder is my best Friend when I'm fusing glass and I love to shape as many of my pendants by hand as I possibly can to offer a variety of shapes and sizes to my customers. I also tried something new. After grinding the cabochon to shape I then eliminated a step and cut the grooves for my wire wrapping, I then fire polished them once instead of needing to do this twice. Normally I would shape them, fire polish them and then cut the grooves and fire polish them a third time. The outcome was wonderful and it saved me a lot of time. As we all know time is precious and my free time is very limited with my girls to care for too.
These pendants have all been wrapped using 18 gauge copper wire. It's quite a lot heavier and makes for a more substantial bail when I'm finished and won't easily loose its shape.
I hope you enjoy seeing them.
The autumn leaves pendants were made in the same manner using the same techniques.
Enjoy, and have a great day.

To see more of my work please feel free to check out my Etsy Mini, it will lead you to my store. Thanks.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kids are back in school and it's play time for mommy

Wow, the first week of school has ended. Normally I have such a hard time adjusting these first few weeks of school and I miss my girls just terribly. However this year I have decided to take advantage of this extra free time on my hands and be as productive as I can. I had a special project in mind for myself and spent the girls first day back to school being a bit selfish. I spent the entire day making myself something!!!!
I made a purchase on Etsy from a wonderful shop called RoughMagicCreations. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5957625

Spiralaway is a beautiful pair of copper and wooden leaf bead spiral earrings. The beads are hand carved and just so unique. Upon there arrival was included a special gift from the creators of these fabulous earrings. A set of hand carved beads for my own personal use. I spent my last weekend thinking of ways I could use the beads and in awe of the fact that these great people that I met over at the about.com jewelry forums were so kind and generous to gift these beads to me.

I have met so many wonderful people at the forum and it amazes me how you can meet people that you will never meet face to face and build such wonderful caring relationships with them that they feel as if they are family.

Now that I had these hand carved wooden beads, it was time to get busy and see if I could make myself something out of the ordinary and worthy of RoughMagicCreations so they to would be pleased with the outcome too. There jewelry is far more detailed and sparkly than what I make and just beautiful, I hope every one reading this will take a minute to visit there Etsy shop and check out there blog, I know you'll be happy you did.
Maine Made Hancrafted Jewelry

I'm not sure these links to there blog will be click able so you may want to copy and paste.

Now for my project. I hand cut the copper disc doming it with the doming block and dapping tools. I hand carved the flower shape using a file then stamped the rose in the center using metal stamps. The chain is copper with the wooden beads added and
one wooden bead dangle added to the pendant. I have included some rather simple purple glass beads. Again much more simple than there own designs but that's the fun of creating using your own ideas. It makes eveyone's jewelry unique and individual and one of a kind. I was really very pleased with the way this necklace turned out and it will be a favorite of mine for years to come and cherished as my friends are at RoughMagicCreations. I hope you enjoy seeing it as I have enjoyed immensely making it, not to mention the fact that instead of sitting around missing my girls and wishing they were home with me instead of at school, I was happy and productive all at the same time. For me this was a great way to start out the girls first day back to school. So special thanks to my dear friends. Hugs to you both!!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My obsessions and creating.

Have you ever wondered what makes people do what it is they do????

Well Here is a bit about my dark side that makes me always stay busy. If I'm not making jewelry you can bet I'm making something. I'm not one to sit around and enjoy a good long read as in days gone by. I have been awake since early morning. Awoken by the sound of sirens racing past my house. Was it real? I think not. This happens far to often.

I have Obsessive, compulsive disorder, not the kind where you do things over and over again, but the kind that causes me to live in fear of something bad happening to one of my children.

My daughter Tara and her brother Jason went out on the town to what I think was a music festival last night(Tara just moved back home after being on her own for the last year) and I fell asleep before they got home. Which was probably early this morning.lol. I'm sure they had a wonderful time. Although I lay restless with the t.v. turned way to loud, the fan blowing on high, anything to block out noise from the outside world. I didn't want to hear the sound of the sirens racing down the road to what may be an accident that my children could be involved in. Crazy I know, but me.

I think it began several years ago when I was watching the late night news and waiting for my friend to return home as I was babysitting for her son.

On the news was an accident that showed very accurate pictures of a red car that had been involved in a head on collision and two people had been killed. I new at that moment my older brother Dan and his girlfriend Sue had been killed in the accident. I said a prayer and spent the next several hours waiting for a phone call. Well at long last the phone rang and it was my Mother sobbing, a man got on the phone and spoke the dreaded words and said he would stay with my Mother until I could get there to be with her.

I have learned for the most part how to control my fears and have learned that this is irrational thinking on my part. However the panic attacks still seem to creep up on me. My heart races, my body turns cold and I can feel the tingling throughout my body all the way to my toes as my arms go numb. I drive my daughter crazy, calling her at least once a day. She always answers the phone with a cheerful " Hi Mom, what's up? When I say oh nothing just wanted to know where your at. She then says MOM, I'm fine, what happened did an ambulance go by? You need to stop this!!!! It really does drive her crazy. It's just that dreaded thought that sneaks up on me at any given moment of any day when I least expect it. Keeping busy seems to keep panic attacks at bay so to speak.

But you know we all have our babies to love and protect them. I thought when she was grown the hardest part would be over but it really is not. Once your children are grown, you no longer have the control you thought you once had.

I sent my daughter into the world as a young adult with a set of good values and self worth. So innocent and she still is but she has definitely become her own person. I am very proud of her even when she calls me to say" Mom guess what I'm getting my lip pierced!!" I said No don't do it, please. Well she did and now I have adjusted to her new look and yes she is still beautiful.

Last week she informed me after being home just a few days that she was on her way to get her first tattoo!!! Well not only did she get one but she got two. I told her then, "Your Dad is going to have a fit!!" Blame it on the dad ya know. The tattoos did turn out quite nice and I do like them. And like my mom said, Well at least she can cover them up if she wants to.

She occasionally will go to a party, smoke a cigarette and have a drink. Do I like it? no not really. Can I stop it? No not really. What I can do is remind her of the laws and the cost and effect kind of things and continue to guide her to make wise choices, and thankfully she really does.

Do I think something bad will happen to her? or one of my other children? I pray not. But you know, Life is like the blink of an eye. It was only a few short days ago I was holding her in my arms and rocking her to sleep at night.

I have three other daughters much younger than her, and for now I am in control of where they go and what they do. And I like it this way the best. In two short days they will be going to school and I will miss them dearly. I will be very busy passing these days until spring returns and summer is here again and I can keep them tucked safely under my wings. I of course will still have my little Morgan home with me and this will be a blessing to just be able to spend one on one time with her.

Any how in the meantime I will continue to keep my self busy in peaceful and pleasing ways, creating whatever it is that comes to mind and occupying my time in a positive and productive way. Praying for peace and protection to my children from the harms that have fallen upon so many others in this world we live in. And remind myself that all is in God's hands as it should be and that he will never allow me to deal with more than I can handle. Through him we can all be strong and find peace.

Included today are a few photo's of other ways I keep myself busy other than my jewelry making. I am currently working on a third set of fingerless gloves, hats and scarfs to keep my little ones warm this coming fall and winter while waiting at the bus stop. I hope if nothing else from today's entry you at least enjoy the pictures.

I have taught myself to crochet and I love to paint. The painting is a small portion of what once was an entire wall mural on my daughters bedroom walls. We created a story wall. At night we would tell bedtime stories and the next day I would add an element from the story to our painted wall. The wood burning is on rough lumber from a saw mill nearby and I do these free hand with a hot iron. I also love to paint on this wood, and my husband often in the winter months builds using the planed lengths of wood. He built the adorable cradle for my daughter Morgan and several pieces of our furniture. The last photo of course is of my daughters back and her not one but two tattoos that she is so in love with. And I do like them too, I just hope they don't get infected. LOL That part of me that worries again.

I hope you all have a great labor day and if you'd like to see some of my newly added jewelry, feel free to visit my Etsy shop. Just follow the Etsy mini and take a look. I'll be back in a few days to show off some new items as I'll have lots of time on my hands and will be busy making new items to both sell and for myself. I have some beautiful new carved wood beads sent to me from a dear Friend at Rough Magic Creations. Take a minute and visit there Etsy shop. They make beautiful handcrafted one of a kind jewelry using their own hand carved wooden beads and copper wire work. I can't wait to make something for myself using the beads they gifted to me. They are going to be stunning with my copper work.

Have a great day and remember if you have little ones. Love them and treasure them while you can for before you know it they will be grown and fly from your nest. Blessings. Deedee

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Copper Domed Disc Earrings and Pendant

In my last post I had talked about my girls and I making jewelry out on our deck and that I had been working on several new pair of earrings. Well here they are.

The steps to making these started with my disc cutter and sheet copper, these required a bit of filing to smooth the edges, I then stamped them using my metal stamps and domed them. I made several head pins with the heat forged tiny buds on the end and got busy putting them together.

I chose a variety of gemstone beads this time and wire wrapped dangles using copper wire. I then made a the earwires in mostly a traditional shape. I love making the earwires and have to tell you that I have had several of my Etsy customers that are jewelry designers themselves give me huge compliments that my ear wires are the best they have ever purchased. (Pat on the back and big grins.)

After the earrings were completed I added the patina using liver of sulfur, sanded them applied more when needed and removed some when needed until I was happy with the overall effect. A final polish and they were ready to go.

This was quite a task and I will rethink adding the patina to finished earrings and instead probably add the patina before assembling next time. Most had to be taken apart in order to do the job right this time, so it was twice the work and took time I really didn't have to spare.

With 5 small children I have to use my time wisely. lol. Any way I am extremely pleased with these earrings and look forward to making more. The best part is one pair sold just minutes after being listed as well as the pendant I will be adding a photo of. Woohooooo.
The pendant (necklace) is another new design that I was really proud of and I will be making more in the near future.

I hope you all enjoy seeing them and please feel free to contact me through me Etsy shop if you ever have any questions or would like to have something you see here made just for you. Or just leave a comment, I love hearing from you!!!!

To see more of my work take a look at my Etsy mini and visit the store, I'm really proud of the items I list in my Etsy store and only list items of top quality. If it is a second or has a flaw it would be stated in the description and at a greatly reduced price.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Copper Rings, Amber and Purple Necklace

I hope this finds you all enjoying the rest of you summer days, We sure are.

Today my girls and I sat on the deck making jewelry ( Our favorite place ). The girls are learning to make there own bead and wire links using beads that Ruby sent them. Ruby is a very talented artist from the about.com jewelry forum. If you like beaded jewelry Ruby offers many free tutorials and many many links to other free sights for tutorial, she has also written a book that you may find of interest. So check out her sight at http://www.rubysbeadwork.com/

Any way my girls are working on a bracelet and necklace for themselves. I spent my day cutting out copper disc for my new earrings that will be listed in my Etsy shop soon and finished two new necklace that I'll be sharing photo's of here today.

The necklace are made using hammered 8 gauge copper wire formed into rings using a 5/8" and 1" mandrel. I have hammered them then soldered them using sterling silver solder and also soldered them together while adding the bail. After they were soldered and the metal was annealed I put them in the pickle pot to remove the fire scale.
The next step was to stamp them and add the copper chain. The chain consist of two lengths of copper chain then bead links made using copper wire and translucent amber and translucent purple glass beads more copper chain and a matching ring and clasp closure with an added 2" extender chain with a tiny purple teardrop bead, wire wrapped using one of my heat forged bud head pins.
The length of the chain is 18" from clasp to clasp and adjustable to 20. The ring closure and extender chain add such a decorative touch to the back of your neck and looks great if you wear you hair pulled up and your neckline is bare. It's a different look than the average lobster claw clasp and it's fun to look good both coming and going. LOL.
The pendant itself measures 1 3/4" including the bail and has an added fused translucent amber charm on one and a fused translucent purple charm on the other, although it appears black in the photo. Both charms are wire wrapped in copper.

I am so very happy with the way these turned out. I liked the first one so well I had to make the second one. These rings work well for so many of my projects. I have used them in necklace, bracelet and earrings. The few stamps I use are my favorites and even though I have a few more stamps I generally stick with my favorite 3 for embellishing the metal.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing them as I have enjoyed making them.

You can view more of my work by visiting my Etsy mini.

Thanks so much for taking time to visit my little part of the world.