Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Copper Domed Disc Earrings and Pendant

In my last post I had talked about my girls and I making jewelry out on our deck and that I had been working on several new pair of earrings. Well here they are.

The steps to making these started with my disc cutter and sheet copper, these required a bit of filing to smooth the edges, I then stamped them using my metal stamps and domed them. I made several head pins with the heat forged tiny buds on the end and got busy putting them together.

I chose a variety of gemstone beads this time and wire wrapped dangles using copper wire. I then made a the earwires in mostly a traditional shape. I love making the earwires and have to tell you that I have had several of my Etsy customers that are jewelry designers themselves give me huge compliments that my ear wires are the best they have ever purchased. (Pat on the back and big grins.)

After the earrings were completed I added the patina using liver of sulfur, sanded them applied more when needed and removed some when needed until I was happy with the overall effect. A final polish and they were ready to go.

This was quite a task and I will rethink adding the patina to finished earrings and instead probably add the patina before assembling next time. Most had to be taken apart in order to do the job right this time, so it was twice the work and took time I really didn't have to spare.

With 5 small children I have to use my time wisely. lol. Any way I am extremely pleased with these earrings and look forward to making more. The best part is one pair sold just minutes after being listed as well as the pendant I will be adding a photo of. Woohooooo.
The pendant (necklace) is another new design that I was really proud of and I will be making more in the near future.

I hope you all enjoy seeing them and please feel free to contact me through me Etsy shop if you ever have any questions or would like to have something you see here made just for you. Or just leave a comment, I love hearing from you!!!!

To see more of my work take a look at my Etsy mini and visit the store, I'm really proud of the items I list in my Etsy store and only list items of top quality. If it is a second or has a flaw it would be stated in the description and at a greatly reduced price.

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seekngsane said...

nice copper work as I do it myself and is always nice to see another artisan's work.