Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Vacation is Ending.

Well less than two weeks to go and my girls will be going back to school. This makes me soooooo sad. I'm not your normal mom that likes to see this happen. Instead it saddens me deeply to know some one else will be caring for my girls during the day and I'll have a few hours in the evening to spend with them before getting them into bed at night.
Not to mention the influence of the other children and what they may learn that I really don't want them to learn.
I have nine years of public school employment experience as a para pro prior to starting the second half of my family and you would just be amazed to learn as a parent what they don't want you to know. Our public school has an open door policy, meaning you can visit your child's class at any time, after first going to the office to check in and while your on your way to the classroom the office will buzz into the class and let the teacher know you are on your way down to visit. So all is nice and peaceful upon your arrival and little Johnny is no longer wiping glue on your daughters desk or scribbling on your daughters papers and the teacher is no longer yelling at the top of her lungs for everyone to put there heads down because the noise level is out of control.LOL. I say this in a laughing manner but have witnessed this all first hand.
If your an involved parent your sometimes considered a pain in the A## and if you're not a volunteer your often considered uncaring and negligent.
It causes me pain just knowing that no one in this world will care for my children as I do and knowing if they need me I am not there, and also the sadness that my little ones will feel if they indeed do need me to kiss that ouchie when they fall and scrape their knee or if another adult raises there voice and it frightens them.

We did have a wonderful last weekend visiting the Michigan City Zoo. My girls love the animals and the quiet time we share walking around viewing the different animals. The Kodiak bear is still a favorite as are the otters and the viewing tunnel you can sit in and watch the otters slide above you as they slide across the top of the tunnel and slip down the other side.
The following day we took a trip to Michigan's Adventure theme park and of all days to go we went while they were hosting three different corporations and had a record sales day. over 7000 people in the small amusement park, and this was after sitting in a 2 1/2 hour traffic jam to get the last 6 miles of the trip. Luckily our girls were extremely well behaved and very patient. I was really proud of them.
They were able to enjoy several of the rides and visit the water park for a short splash in the kiddie pools. Hannah says it was the best day ever!!!! Morgan had a great time driving her daddy around in the small 50's style cars and Katelyn was proud as punch being able to drive her own car. It really was a fabulous weekend and a great way to spend some fun quality time with our girls.

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