Saturday, August 23, 2008

Copper Rings, Amber and Purple Necklace

I hope this finds you all enjoying the rest of you summer days, We sure are.

Today my girls and I sat on the deck making jewelry ( Our favorite place ). The girls are learning to make there own bead and wire links using beads that Ruby sent them. Ruby is a very talented artist from the jewelry forum. If you like beaded jewelry Ruby offers many free tutorials and many many links to other free sights for tutorial, she has also written a book that you may find of interest. So check out her sight at

Any way my girls are working on a bracelet and necklace for themselves. I spent my day cutting out copper disc for my new earrings that will be listed in my Etsy shop soon and finished two new necklace that I'll be sharing photo's of here today.

The necklace are made using hammered 8 gauge copper wire formed into rings using a 5/8" and 1" mandrel. I have hammered them then soldered them using sterling silver solder and also soldered them together while adding the bail. After they were soldered and the metal was annealed I put them in the pickle pot to remove the fire scale.
The next step was to stamp them and add the copper chain. The chain consist of two lengths of copper chain then bead links made using copper wire and translucent amber and translucent purple glass beads more copper chain and a matching ring and clasp closure with an added 2" extender chain with a tiny purple teardrop bead, wire wrapped using one of my heat forged bud head pins.
The length of the chain is 18" from clasp to clasp and adjustable to 20. The ring closure and extender chain add such a decorative touch to the back of your neck and looks great if you wear you hair pulled up and your neckline is bare. It's a different look than the average lobster claw clasp and it's fun to look good both coming and going. LOL.
The pendant itself measures 1 3/4" including the bail and has an added fused translucent amber charm on one and a fused translucent purple charm on the other, although it appears black in the photo. Both charms are wire wrapped in copper.

I am so very happy with the way these turned out. I liked the first one so well I had to make the second one. These rings work well for so many of my projects. I have used them in necklace, bracelet and earrings. The few stamps I use are my favorites and even though I have a few more stamps I generally stick with my favorite 3 for embellishing the metal.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing them as I have enjoyed making them.

You can view more of my work by visiting my Etsy mini.

Thanks so much for taking time to visit my little part of the world.


MJ Alexander said...

Deedee -

I love your new pieces - they are inspiring me to use more copper wire in my own pieces this week. please post pics of your girls' pieces when they are done!

Have a great week -

Molly :-)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Gosh Deedee! I would just LOVE to sit and watch you work. Your pieces are simply amazing! I love the pics of your girls! They're beautiful! :)
Have a wonderful week!!