Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumn Copper and Bead Leaf Pendant

Fall is rapidly approaching and the leaves are starting to change colors just a bit. I so love the changing from summer to fall and find the colors to be so inspiring. I have already posted a few of my fused glass fall pendants and have been wanting to do a bit with copper and leaves so here is what I'm hoping is my first of many.

The copper leaf was cut to a rough shape and the I went to work with my file creating the serrated edges of the leaf. I actually used a grape leaf for the general design to have a visual aid to follow.

After I was happy with the overall shape I added the hole and domed the leaf slightly. I then added to the leaf a wire wrapped copper wire bail and swirl pattern. The beads are 8mm mookaite, 4mm rose quartz and a warm cream colored pressed glass flower bell shaped bead. These are all wire wrapped using heat forged head pins that I have made and they have that beautiful rose colored bud that has just added to the collection of fall colors.

I hope you like the pendant and find a bit of inspiration to start on your own fall collections.

Have a great and blessings to you all. Deedee


MJ Alexander said...

Deedee -

What beautiful pieces - I just love the leaf pendant! It must have taken you hours to finish, and the quality of workmanship is evident.

Just beautiful!


Leslie said...

Wow, i love your Autumn Copper pendant. Both pendants look remarkable though. Great job.

Bethany said...

Those are just beautiful. I love the copper leaf.