Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Designs

Over the weekend I had lots of time on my hands as it rained all weekend. So I had the opportunity to play a bit with my wire. I decided to make some teardrop copper wire earrings. I cut, shaped and filed the ends smooth then soldered them closed using sterling silver solder. They went into the pickle to remove the firescale then I stamped them using my two favorite patterns, added copper wire wrapped green translucent glass beads and 8mm Amethyst beads,and my own earwires that I use for all of my earrings I sell. They were given a light patina and sanded to bring out the shiny copper and show off the detail of the stamps. I love how these turned out!!!!
I also have added a few new necklace designs to my store using fused dichroic glass for one and a glass gem and copper wire chains with bead links. I was very busy and had a lot of fun making these items. Added to the chains are turquoise beads and green glass vintage beads. The one cab is wire wrapped in a herringbone weave using copper wire. I usually see this pattern on beads with holes in the center and decided it was time to learn to incorporate the pattern using a cab. I think they are just wonderful and will be adding more of these to my Etsy shop.

Sunday evening the rain finally stopped and we had gotten about 10" of rain. What a mess it made. Sunday evening my downstairs started to flood. We have a family room, bedroom, laundry room and my studio down stairs so I was really sad to see water was seeping in at the seam by the floor. This has never happened before and by Monday morning we had about 1 1/2" covering our floors. I spent all day Monday soaking up water using my new carpet cleaner that I was so happy to get so I could keep my living room carpet cleaned up after the kids, but have yet to use it for that. As of today my carpets are still soggy and I'm just hoping to be able to soak up enough water that Jerry can get them up off the floors and out of the house. What a mess.
Well I'm off to soak up some more water, so cheers to you all and I hope you have a good day. The sun is shining so it can only get better!!!!!


Sandra Williams said...

I am so sorry to hear about the flood in your downstairs. I hope it dries up quickly!!

Also, your jewelry is beautiful!

A Beaded Affair said...

DeeDee, Your work is beautiful. I just love copper. The herringbone cab is excellent. I do some wrapping but didn't know you could wrap a cab in herringbone. Have to work on that. I'm going back to look at some of your other posts. Glad I found your blog. Good luck with the cleanup. Hope it isn't too bad.

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Wow DeeDee! Your work is just amazing. Lovely new pieces!! Way to go :) Sorry to hear about your downstairs. Hope it all got worked out. Cheers!