Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Designs, Copper Rings Bracelete

I finally finished my first soldered ring bracelet. I Made this bracelet using 14 gauge heavy copper wire. I formed the large rings using a 1 1/4" mandrel than hammered them for texture and strength. I have added a spiral design to the large rings using my new metal stamps, soldered the rings closed using silver solder paste that I found was much easier to work with than I had origianlly thought. The fine tip point made it so easy to put the solder only where it was needed and I didn't have a lot of clean up afterwards. The smaller jump rings were made using a 1/4" madrel, these are not soldered but also made using the same 14 gauge copper wire. I first adjusted my rolling mill to the thickness I wanted to finished rings to be, rolled my wire through the mill then I added my scroll design to the entire piece of wire before cutting. I made the rings individually cutting length of wire the same size and then using my round nose pliers and flat pliers to form the rings. I did all of my filing after cutting and before forming the rings. This wire was really hard to work with in such short sections. I also made a smaller 5/8" ring and Toggle clasp that have the same scroll design stamed onto it again I used the same wire. I am really happy with the way the entire bracelet turned out. I hope you enjoy it too !!!

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