Monday, June 30, 2008

Simply Mine, Rainstick earrings. copper and mookaite bead wire wrap earrings.

This weekend I decided it was time to work on a new handcrafted element that could be used in my jewelry . I made my own copper tube beads, these were cut with a pipe cutter not a saw. I found this made a smoother cut and it was very even when finished a light filing to round the edges a bit and I was pretty happy with them except they were still just plain tubes. I decided to add some detail using my metal stamps and was really surprised at how much detail one stamp could add to the finished tube. I added a pair of handcrafted bead caps and some beautiful mookaite gemstone beads for color. I love the natural look of the mookaite beads when mixed with copper and the variety of colors the gemstone beads are available in. The overall design was nice, the length was a bit long at 3 1/4". So this particular size wont be made again but I will definitely use the same elements in various length and for a multitude of projects. I had previously made copper tubes for use in a bracelet and they had been curved to fit the wrist but had no stamped designs.
I also made a second pair of copper tubes stamped with the same pattern and much shorter than the first. I added to these tubes 1/4" copper disc center drilled, with 5mm vintage turquoise blue glass beads and I have to say I am extremely pleased with the results. I used my own handcrafted copper earwires with tiny heat forged buds for both the wire wrapping and earwires on both pair. You can see more of my work by checking out my Etsy mini, this will direct you of course to Etsy and my little shop. I will be adding a list of my own favorite Etsy sellers soon, so be sure to check back and visit some very talented artist or go and just browse the shops they are full of beautiful items from jewelry to soap, clothing, handbags and so much more.... the list is endless and the best thing about Etsy is its all handcrafted items made and sold by the artist.

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