Monday, June 9, 2008

Katie and Mommy fill the kiln

This morning Katelyn and I got up early, before everyone else and decided it would be a good morning to fire up the kiln. I've been wanting to make some fused glass links using dichroic and sterling silver and Katie has been waiting along time to get her hands back into my supply of scrap glass. So to my basement workshop/studio we went. I decided to do a bit of step by step photos for this set of glass. This will be my first. I started with cutting 7" lengths of sterling silver 20 gauge round wire. Then off to the shop we went. I layered the glass in the kiln using black art glass base my sterling wire a layer of dichroic and topped it off with clear. While I worked on this Katelyn was busy doing her own cutting and breaking, she washed, dried and stacked her pieces of glass then into the kiln they went. The kiln is currently heating up and hopefully melting these pretty pieces into beautiful links and pendants. Hopefully none of my glass will slip and slide as it sometimes does, I just don't have the patients to glue my layers together and wait for them to dry. Time is a precious commodity around here. Will show the results in my next post, but feel free to view the photos of my work in progress. And remember to have a good day!!!

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