Saturday, June 14, 2008

Copper Bead Caps with Spiral Design


My new metal stamps arrived in the mail yesterday, I couln't Wait to try them out. So I dug out some copper disk that I had cut out some time ago and and got busy. I drilled the center holes and stamped them using a spiral design around the outer edge. I should have taken a bit more time, I just wanted a general idea of how they would look and I think with a bit of practice and a bit of patients they will turn out just lovely. I used a smooth disc and a textured disk that had been rolled through my hand rolling mill, This gives an idea of what it would look like using different textures with the stamps. I like the smooth look best. After the stamping was finished I drilled the center holes and domed them then gave them a light patina using liver of sulfur to make the design stand out. I added them to one of my lampwork beads that my DH Jerry had made Using 18 gauge copper wire I used a simple hammered spiral and bail design. I am really happy with the outcome and will continue to practice using the stamps and let my skills grow.

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