Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is it spring yet? and a few new copper designs

Well some of you may be wondering where I've been and to those who don't know me but may have visited my blog, you may be wondering why such a long stretch in time between my last post and this one?

Well I guess I'm kind of like that little bear that doesn't want to go out until I know the weather is warm and spring has sprung. I've been hibernating and trying to fight off all kinds of winter woes. But one can only hide out for so long before cabin fever sets in and after a while you get kind of sick of feeling sorry for yourself because you've caught every germ your kids have brought home from school and you say to yourself, Self get up off the couch, let the cleaning go for a few days and make something new...... So I did and here it is for all to see. Oh yea and I feel soooo much better, even the falling snow today didn't make me want to cry, spring will be here soon and all will be new again. I can't wait but will try to put a smile on my face each morning and enjoy the last of winter knowing it will soon be over and my soul will be renewed with the fresh spring air and the warmth of the summer sun.
These new pieces are designed using various glass beads I have purchased at our local bead shop and heavy 14 gauge wire frames that I have sculpted and hammered. I have wire wrapped the glass beads accenting them with copper filigree bead caps and 4mm copper beads. Added to the pendants are two pieces of copper chain and my own 14 gauge hand formed and hammered copper clasp. All of the necklace have been given a deep rich patina using liver of sulfur and burnished with a stainless steel wire brush. And lastly they were given a final polish using a simple polishing cloth. I also made a few pair of wire wrapped earrings using the same link I have used for my tennis bracelet and a chunky and funky heavy hammered wire bracelet that's just fun.
Also to any one that has access to the step by step wire jewelry magazine be sure to look in the newest edition, spring 2009 for my tennis bracelet that is being showcased in the wire jewelry gallery, I just got my edition a few weeks ago and I'm really excited.
I hope you all like them and find a bit of inspiration to create something new.
To any one interested in viewing more of my handcrafted wearable creations please feel free to visit my Etsy shop.

Have a great day and I hope to be back soon with some more new designs.
Hugs and warm smiles. Deedee


Total Delights said...

I hear you about the winter blahs it can really take it's tole on many of us. The new stuff is great

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Hi DeeDee! Its great to see you :) The new pieces are so wonderful! Can't wait for Spring!! Have a great day :)