Friday, October 10, 2008

Fused Dichroic glass and copper necklace

I'm Trying to catch up on my blog all in one day I guess.
Life has been busy and I'm taking advantage of a few extra minutes before the madness of raising 5 kids starts again. LOL. I'm sure Madness is not really the term I should use, but I hope you know what I mean. After all my kids are all 8 yrs and under, remember!!!!!
Any how---
Last week I was busy making a few new designs using my copper hammered rings and playing with some mill rolled copper wire. I had a few copper disc cut and domed , only I just wasn't sure how I was going to use them.
I have already made a few pair of domed disc earrings and bracelets incorporating the disc so I was looking for a new use. I came up with a few simple pendants that I was pretty happy with. I simply took the rings and disc and soldered them together then set a dichroic cabochon into them using a two part epoxy.
The cabs will be nice and secure for years to come and when added to a chain the overall look is just stunning. Again probably not the most original of designs but I was really happy with them and my goal for the week was met by using as many of my own findings as possible to create a design that is simply mine.

I love the phrase simply mine.

I picked it up one day when listing items in my Etsy shop and trying to find a way to make my work and listings stand out from the others. That's when I decided upon the name. It's jewelry made my way and as a finished piece ends up being simply mine. I hope anyone interested in my work and jewelry will notice the name has been added to each of my listings and I think it is unique and simple enough that I'm hoping it will be remembered if anyone is searching for my listing on Etsy. Just type in the name in name Simply Mine and boom, there will be my jewelry. Sweet huh? I think so.

So to anyone interested in viewing more of my work please feel free to visit my Etsy mini and it will take you to the world that I like to call simply mine.
Cheers. Deedee


A Beaded Affair said...

Lovely work. Found you through a search for Copper. You seem to love it as I do. The dichroic glass goes extremely well with the copper too. I hadn't thought of that. Nice.

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Very very nice DeeDee! Gorgeous new pieces! I'm off to check out whats new in your shop; have a great day! :o)

Carol said...

Simply yours....simply beautiful!

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