Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Come Fly With Me, Copper Butterfly Necklace

One of my newest is this beautiful copper butterfly necklace. Several weeks ago my daughter came into the house saying, mommy look what I found!! In her little hands she was holding a butterfly that she had found laying on the floor in our gazebo, sadly it had been dead for some time.
I had seen where others had rolled a butterfly wing through there mill creating unique pendants. However not wanting to make an exact replica of what others had done but still wanting to see if this really worked using something as delicate as a butterfly wing I got busy annealing my copper to make it as soft as possible in order to take the impression.
I gently placed the wing onto the copper adding a piece to the top and rolled it through. Happily and very excited it worked. There on the sheet of copper was every little cell.
I carefully cut the shapes to match, filed the edges and drilled the holes. I chose to add a beautiful crystal dangle that would reflect the rainbow when hit by the light. I used rolled and stamped wire rings, added my copper chain with a handcrafted copper closure and it was finished. This is truly a one of a kind and although I listed it in my Etsy shop, I am seriously considering keeping this one for myself.
It's not often your lucky enough to find an expired butterfly. So these will be few and far between in the making. And each butterfly wing is only good for one pass as it is destroyed in the process.

My second finished project is my butterfly in the garden bracelet.

This was made using brass wire, I created the rings then hammered them for texture and wire wrapped them so the opening was closed. I used purchased brass filigree butterfly and brass beads, one of our own lampwork beads and my own design ceramic floral beads. The ceramic beads are the center of this bracelet for me as they were made by my own two hands using buttons that once belonged to my childrens great grandmother. I pressed the metal buttons into the beads the pierced the hole through the clay creating the beads. I gave them a jungle gem green glaze. Overall I think the bracelet is uniqu in design and I was happy with the finished piece.

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Carol Rose said...

DeeDee....Your designs are delightful! You can just "feel" the butterfly's graceful fluttering in this design! I love the bracelet, too!! I will continue checking back often, and am adding you to my list of favorite blogs!